Work : Double Cute Battle Mode

VJ Mix example

A VJ-Remixing-Battle for 2 players that lets them mix visuals in a playful interaction.

DCBM allows players to combine visuals and special effects in a playful battle for screen space. Using a Playstation 2 video game controller, players plug their imagination into their PC and share a creative space in an intuitive video-game style interaction. The project is presented as an installation, using a video projector to show the live remix game on a fašade or wall. This experience explores some modular approaches to the interaction experience, combining software with video game interfacing, performance and spatial design.

Compact-Impact Nights, Compact-Impact - New York January 2004
Digital Showcase, Austin Museum of Digital Art - Austin May 2005

DCBM was created in collaboration with Aya Karpinska.

To learn more about featuring DCBM at your event, please contact: carlos at med44 dot com

View from interior

Aya and Mike

VJ Mix example



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