Work : Fulton Fence (2007)

The Fulton Fence is a hybrid art installation on a construction site in New York City.

It consists of two components: an outdoor installation and a website. The installation transformed 120 meters of fencing around a construction site at Fulton Street & Broadway into a kinetic street sculpture.

Signs with a URL and a 2D barcode connected pedestrians with the mobile website which mirrored the intervention online. This experience explored the idea of 'site' as generator and aggregator of information.

By re-mixing local information, news, urban history, web 2.0 widgets and mash-ups the project merges the physical space into the web and vice-versa.

The project was completed in November 2007 as a comission from the Downtown Alliance and the LMCC to improve the visual chaos created by construction sites in lower Manhattan.

Link: Fulton Fence

Credits: Carolina Cisneros, Mateo Pintó, Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena.

Press: New York Times | Core77 | designboom | ArtNet | Good |




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