Work : Pictobrowser

Pictobrowser is a web-based tool that allows users to easily share large sets of pictures on their websites or blogs. It enhances the functionality of Web 2.0 media sites like Flickr by providing a simple means to display photo sets that a user has previously stored on these sites.

Besides providing a simple solution to display a set of pictures on a site, one of the key innovations that a Pictobrowser introduces is the ability to spawn a new customized Pictobrowser code for other Flickr users with its built-in builder application. With a few simple steps, a person that views the widget on one site can generate the code for their own widget, thus displaying their pictures without the need to visit the Flickr website. Unlike other applications, there is no need to visit the Pictobrowser website and download the widget.

The tool was developed for Flickr users, bloggers and anybody who likes taking pictures and sharing them on their site but finds Flickr lacking the right tools to do so.

Credits: Diego Bauducco & Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena

Links: Pictobrowser site | Pictobrowser on Flickr



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