Work : Swipe Wall

A site-specific interactive media architecture for New York City subway stations that creates music and lights when people swipe their Metrocards through it. The large metallic plane is modeled with an intricate series of thin canals running the length of the corridor, most of them within hand's reach. By inserting the card in these slits and swiping, sounds and lights are triggered.

Originally designed for the ramps of the West 4th and Union Square stations, the Swipe Wall could be deployed in any hallway of the subway network. These stations occupy large extents of space which serve no other purpose than traffic: this project transforms these transitory areas into places that provides commuters a creative outlet while on the go.

The second design goal was to subvert the functional role of the Metrocard as an utilitarian object, re-imagining it as a tool for expressive interactions within the original context of a public transportation environment.



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