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The Urballoon consists of a large helium balloon with a video projector and a wireless laptop that projects user-generated content onto public spaces. It floats above its tethers in parks or plazas and displays the video onto the ground, encouraging people to gather around a digital bonfire.

It has been previously shown in New York at Eyebeam (2003, 2007) as an artist residency, in City Hall Park as part of the Spectropolis festival (2004) and in Tompkins Square Park as part of the Conflux festival (2009).

The project was born as a concept of parallel space: an experience of a built environment so intertwined with electronic mediation that it can not be reproduced without technology. Many of these ideas are referenced in films like Blade Runner or by authors such as William Gibson or William J. Mitchell. The work of the artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer has also created a precedent for network-mediated urban spectacle as art.

This project creates an instant connection between online communication and the public in the street as an urban media space experience, stressing the role that the city has as an interface for daily life.

In 2009, the Urballoon was granted patent 7,549,753 "System and method for selectively displaying data" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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