Tray for collecting diverse remote controls and other objects. The patterns are an interpretation inspired by islamic geometry and architecture.

3D Prints 2016-2018


We have been developing a series of creative product ideas uisng 3D printing that solve practical needs both at our studio and at home. From trays to collect a bunch of remote controls, to a music stand for taking lessons to coasters for coffee mugs or cocktails.

Part of our consideration in doing these objects is to avoid excessive shopping of articles that could easily be produced by 3D printers instead. At the same time we want objects to be more aesthetically pleasing to live with so our designs explore ornamentation patterns inspired by islamic geometry.

The tray with some objects like keys, wallets, glasses and pens. We use it for collecting the five different remote controls in our house.
This structure of a cutlery rack to be inserted on an IKEA kitchen drawer was printed in segments and glued together.
The rack shown with its cutlery and inside the drawer. This helps keep things tidy while protecting silverware.
Music stand for placing partitures while taking cello lessons. It uses two 3D printed parts, 1/4" wood dowel rods, balsa wood and glue.
Detail view of the base joint. The rods are inserted by pressure and feature a secure snug fit.
For a winter school holiday auction, we designed and made a series of fractal coasters.