Atlas of the Road Visualization

Interactive map of global road infratsructure.

Lulabit Installation

Media fa├žade animation for a winter festival commission.

1D Shadow Installation

Colored bars shadow visitors' movements through this space.

Urballoon Installation

A balloon that projects real-time social media onto public spaces.

Plant-in City Installation

Modular interactive architecture exploring new relationships with plants and technology.

Freshkills Park+ Mobile

Augmented reality wayfinding for New York City's biggest new park and former landfill.

Urban Speaker Installation

Portable installation allows people to broadcast phone calls in public.

Whisper Booth Installation

The phone booth meets the photo booth in W Hotel lobbies.

Urban Forms Visualization

Stylized Google maps for observing patterns of buildings and voids in cities.

Fulton Fence Installation

Hybrid art & media installation on a construction site fence in New York City. Mobile

Reimagining the analog radio experience on the digital tablet era.

MetropoliPhone Mobile

A collection of subway, bus and transportation maps from cities worldwide.

Karl Lagerfeld Web

E-commerce site for Karl, the designer's luxury brand global launch.